Juice Ice Cubes

Drinking water is so important to overall health, but lets face it. Drinking lots of water can be boring. So boring. It becomes pretty easy to put down the water in favor of another delicious, bold cup of coffee that tantalizes your taste buds and soon, the water gets abandon all together. So to help combat this, add these great juice ice cubes to your glass to help make water exciting again!


Honestly, there isn’t much involved in making them. Simply pour a layer of juice into each compartment of the ice cube tray and place in freezer until completely frozen. Repeat for additional juices, freezing each addition completely before adding the next. You an use as few (like one) or as many (like four) juices as you would like.

A Fanatic favorite is apple, orange and cranberry together. Not only does it make my water taste like I’m siting out on a beach somewhere but the colors are visually appealing too. Other favorite juice combinations include mango plus pineapple, pomegranate plus blueberry and lemon with lime (sort of like drinking a soda except way better for you). The combinations are limitless! Experiment to find your perfect combination and get back to being excited about drinking water.

P.S. Our Silicone Ice Cube Trays are perfect for making multilayer juice cubes to spice up your boring H2O.


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